Thursday, February 6, 2014

Janice Yap featured on the Star Motoring - "Play on, Janice"

Play on, Janice

It's only been a little over two months since Janice Yap joined radio station Capital FM (88.9) as a deejay. 

She can be heard on the morning show, Capital Breakfast, from 6am to 10am every weekday with co-host Pamela Chong. 

But Janice is no stranger where music is concerned. 

Music has been an important part of her life ever since she was a little girl and it continues to occupy a key position for her.

“I got into music by accident. I had decided to take music seriously when I was 26-years-old after winning a battle of the bands contest. 

“I began writing and performing music with my band, Janice and the Supertank, and we released one album, Sleep Talking in 2010,” said Janice who was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur.

However, the band is defunct now.

Janice was the singer and songwriter for the band and wrote songs in both Bahasa Malaysia and English. 

She achieved mild success during that time; two songs - Kau Di Mindaku and Just Before I Sleep - topped the local charts and the former was even featured in the local movie Istanbul.

She’s also a multi-instrumentalist.

“I can play guitar, piano and drums but I’m not that good a drummer,” she said. 

She recalled that the first instrument she learnt to play was the triangle when she was in kindergarten.

Janice took piano lessons when she was seven and later, in her teenage years, taught herself how to play guitar, drums and percussion.

She went the independent way in her music career and being an ‘indie’ artiste meant that she couldn’t depend on music alone to earn a living. 

Being resourceful and talented, she ventured into different mediums to support herself and, at the same time, still be able to make and play her music.

“I did theatre, acting on-stage, and television to support myself,” said the 33-year-old who previously hosted an adventure programme on 8TV called Trippin’.

Even when her band disbanded a couple of years ago, Janice went on writing music and is in the process of releasing a solo album.

“I’ve been compiling songs for two years now. It’s all English material this time and I’ll still be an indie solo artist. 

“The music landscape is so different now, it’s not about being signed-on to a major label anymore,” she said.

So how did she manage to get a deejaying gig on Capital FM?

“A friend told me to audition for it and I’ve always thought about exploring radio. 

“It’s a perfect fit actually (being a deejay) with what I want to do,” said Janice.

Being a deejay has been a lifestyle change for Janice because now she has to wake up by 4am in the morning, and get ready to host the show by 6am every Monday to Friday.

“I used to stay up late before, but now I have to be up really early in the morning and I’m already sleepy by 9pm,” she laughs.

Janie said she likes the new bedtime routine. 
The Cerato.

“I actually like sleeping early now and finishing work early.”

For the automania shoot, Janice was paired with a 2.0-litre Kia Cerato sedan (priced at RM118,888 on-the-road with insurance). 

The car is packed with features like keyless entry with push start button, dual zone full-auto air conditioning, 10-way power driver seat with memory, six airbags and 17-inch wheels.

“I really like the air ventilated seat for the driver. The sunroof is nice and the boot is big and spacious,” she said.

Read the full article here.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Star Automania - Janice Yap: A radio deejay who plays music for the masses!

Janice Yap - "Play on Janice", the Star Automania.

Music has been Janice Yap's guiding light which has led her to where she is now - a radio deejay who plays music for the masses.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Star - Janice Yap, Radio DJ

Janice Yap - "Double dose of sunshine", the Star Newspaper.

Janice Yap making her mark on radio as CapitalFM's Radio DJ for the morning show, the Capital Breakfast, along with co-host Pamela Chong.

Tune into 88.9, every Mon-Fri, 6 - 10am!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Star - Janice Yap, Star RFM Radio Announcer

Janice Yap - "Star RFM radio announcers share their plans on this special day", the Star Newspaper

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Janice Yap Music's Live Band at the Entrepreneurs Organisation's Party, "Delivering Happiness"

Janice Yap Music's team of musicians were invited to perform for the Entrepreneurs at the EO (Entrepreneurs Organisation) Party, "Delivering Happiness", hosted by the Pillars Forum.

Lovely popcorn was served at the entrance

Janice's team all set to entertain the guests...
Colour balloons stand out against the white setup

Ushering guests to their tables with the music....
Colourful lights to match the colourful balloons

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hard Rock Plugged In, featuring Janice Yap!

Piano, beats, guitar and a voice. This April, catch Janice Yap, stripped down to acoustics, at the Hard Rock!